Our Staff

Our Staff

Our staff is compiled of certified early childhood and elementary educators. Many of our teachers have also taught in a variety of teaching methodologies, from Montessori to traditional preschool. All of our staff members have a profound love for both education and children. Our assistant teachers and aides undergo extensive training and are encouraged and assisted in continuing their education throughout there employment. Learning is an ongoing process for our staff and owners. We believe that to properly educate our children we must continue to learn ourselves.

Brandy Rasmussen
Director & Owner

Brandy has a BSM with a minor in Spanish and (NAC) National Administrators Credential. She is currently working on her Master at the University of Utah in Speech and Language. Brandy is a life-long learner who cherishes education and children. She has taken more than 400 hours of classes in education, childhood disorders, literacy, etc. over the last three years outside of her classes at U of U.

Mark Rasmussen
Asst. Director & Owner

Mark is no stranger to private school. His family owned and operated Del Mar Pines in San Diego California for over 20 years. He encouraged Brandy to open the school as opposed to teaching for someone else almost five years ago and is vital to the schools daily operation.